Polaris Racing is set this year to defend their 2012 and 2013 titles of the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) SXS (Side by Side) Challenge as the 2014 season commences this weekend at the Quit Forest Rally in Western Australia.

This weekend Polaris Racing with Driver, rally legend Cody Crocker and Co-Driver Greg Foletta will be introducing the all new RZR XP 1000 to tackle the forest stages against arch rival Can-Am's Maverick with Driver Michael Guest and Co-Driver David Green.

The past two years Polaris Racing has run the ever reliable RZR XP 900 and placed first overall in both years. This year will see the introduction of the all-new 107 horsepower RZR XP 1000.

"Last year we ran our 900cc RZR against Can-Am's 1000cc Maverick. This year though we're both in 1000cc machines and that's going to make it really interesting!" said Cody Crocker.

"The new Polaris XP 1000 is a bit bigger, it's a bit wider and it's up on power. Last year Guesty had us at the last couple of events. This year though it's going to be of a level playing field, it's looking to be more even between us" continued Crocker.

The ARC SXS Challenge is designed to avoid "cheque book" racing, anyone can enter the SXS class of the ARC with a Polaris RZR or a Can-Am Maverick and all they need to add is the required CAMS safety cage and equipment. This puts everyone on a level playing field and makes motorsport very accessible with low costs involved compared to that of a properly set up Rally Car.

"A SXS costs roughly $35k to set up with the appropriate CAMS safety cage and gear. Add on to this some spare parts and tyres for each Rally and you still have a very affordable form of racing. Most Rally cars that are racing on the same stages as us cost hundreds of thousands and aren't cheap to repair" said Greg Foletta.

"Cody and I are good mates and it is awesome to be able to continue racing with each other and catch up and do what we both love. SXS racing is a great way to enjoy motorsport for a couple of mates not only is it affordable but it is simple to set up a SXS for racing and it just as fun if not more fun than a Rally car!" continued Foletta.

This weekend at the Quit Forest Rally in WA the SXS class will travel over 200km in competitive distance competing on sixteen different stages. The Polaris Racing Team is looking forward to seeing what the new RZR XP 1000 can do.

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